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Nightingale Housing is leading a housing revolution in our cities by constructing multi-residential buildings that are financially, socially and environmentally sustainable, by producing homes for owner/occupiers that are ‘at cost’, with reduced running costs and the facilities to aid the creation of community within the project and its surroundings. Nightingale Fremantle will the be first outside Melbourne.


Conveniently located only 250 metres from a bus stop, 12 minutes’ walk into the centre of Fremantle and local amenity within a 5 minute walking radius including, Booyeembarra Park and Fremantle Golf Course, belong to a unique community that makes sustainable living easily.

The Nightingale Model

What is the Nightingale Model?


Nightingale Housing believes that homes should be built for people, not profit, and enable individual and collective well-being through environmental, financial and social sustainability.

Our cities and communities deserve beautiful, affordable, well-built homes – apartments designed for real life. Nightingale Housing builds homes for and with the people who intend to live in them.

Using the innovative Nightingale Model, Nightingale Housing supports the creation of these homes, reorienting the market to focus on delivering good outcomes for owner-occupiers by building multi-residential housing that are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.

The Nightingale Model

Apartments built under the Nightingale model reestablish agency for purchasers and communities in the process of designing, building and buying homes.

This model is backed by an innovative financial model that delivers homes at cost (including builders profit and consultant fees) to purchasers, with any savings given back to the residents.

The Nightingale Model mandates better standards of design. This model is licensed to Australia’s leading architects through a considered approval process, and the architect’s then build to higher standards of space, materiality and thermal energy.

The Nightingale Model

Nightingale Awards 2017/2018

2018 National Architecture Awards
The David Oppenheim Award for Sustainable Architecture:
Nightingale 1
Residential – Multiple Housing: Nightingale 1

2018 Victorian AIA Awards
Melbourne Prize – Joint Winner
Best Overend Award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing
Allan and Beth Coldicutt Award for Sustainable Architecture

2018 INDE Awards
The Multi Residential Building Award

2018 INDE Awards
The Influencer, Honourable Mention

2018 Good Design Awards
Best in Class – Residential & Commercial

2018 Australian Interior Design Awards
Residential Design, Commendation

2017 Premiers Sustainability Awards
Built Environment Winner

2017 Social Enterprise Awards – Social Traders
Peoples Choice Award



Designed with people in mind, EHDO Architecture and fini sustainability present you with a new standard in sustainable multi-residential living.

At an average NatHERS star rating of 9.5 stars these 15 apartments are complimented with a shared rooftop laundry, outdoor kitchen and garden, a place where you can mix with your neighbour’s, share produce from your edible garden, and the view of surrounding Fremantle.

“Living in a place that’s beautifully designed, where you feel safe, where your neighbours are friends and are courteous, really makes coming home from work and weekends like living in a sanctuary.”


It’s got light, it’s got air, its well located, homes built for people, not profit using the Nightingale Model. Avoiding the cookie cutter approach with a thoughtful selection of sustainable materials, architect designed kitchens with high quality Fisher & Paykel appliances, high ceilings and acoustic separation from your neighbours, these are apartments in which you will want to stay.

Nightingale Fremantle apartments boast large living spaces with smart design details and an air conditioner free balcony as your sanctuary.



Award Winning Model

Using the innovative Nightingale Model, Nightingale Fremantle is delivering good outcomes for owner-occupiers, multi-residential housing that are socially, environmentally and financially sustainable.


9.5 NatHERS Star Rating

Nightingale Fremantle apartments are an outstanding average NatHERS star rating of 9.5.


100% Fossil Fuel Free

100% fossil fuel free though embedded energy network, 20kW solar panels on the roof, battery ready.


Dual Aspect for Passive Cooling

Apartments are dual aspect to capitalise on the ‘Fremantle Doctor’ for cross ventilation, free passive cooling in summer.


Passive Solar Design

Designed for natural light to filter through the north facing living spaces and terraces, coupled with double glazing to windows and doors, delivers comfortable living temperatures.


10% more Living Space

Airy, light and comfy


Waterwise Gardens

Extensive reticulated water-wise gardens and veggie beds.


Recycled & Re-purposed Materials

Low VOC materials are being specified including recycled and re-purposed materials to ensure high indoor environmental quality.


Reduced Car Dependence

Conveniently located only 250 meters from a bus stop, 12 minutes’ walk into the center of Fremantle and local amenity within a 5 minute walking radius including, Booyeembarra Park and Fremantle Golf Course.


Electric Recharge Points

Electric bike and vehicle recharge points are incorporated for tenants.


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Architects / EHDO Architecture
Development Manager: fini sustainability
Acoustic / ND Engineering
Compliance / Taycon Group
Electrical Consultant / Collaborative World
Fire Consultant / Saraceni Fire Enfineering Group
Hydraulic Consultant / Cartwright Hydraulic
Mechanical Consultant / ND Engineering
Structural Engineer / Marocchi Engineering Group
Surveyor / McMullen Nolan Group
Cost Planning / fini sustainability
Energy Assessor / fini sustainability
Landscaping Consultant / Ecoscape
Lead Consultant / Nightingale Housing